Sunday, July 11, 2010

Drawing with the Dead

I had this idea as I was looking at some old drawings tonite.
I've kept every piece of art I've ever made since started drawing in 1983 (See John Lennon).
Many are simple pen and ink drawings, some are roughly colored, and some were even finished and polished up a bit. They are a glimpse into my psyche, and as time moved on, so did my art. Every piece I made was signed and dated in the lower left corner.
I found this particular picture as I was leafing through and old portfolio. It was from July of 1990, twenty years ago... and I never quite completed it.
So, tonight, in the midst of a rare creative spurt of energy, I took some digital pictures of my forgotten artwork and sent them to the Photoshop.

I actually remember when I drew this "skeleton"... I was up at my friend Mark's house, and we had likely indulged in our regular vices. We had partied as usual, made some food to eat, and we were listening to music... most likely a mixture of the Beatles (from Mark) and The Grateful Dead (from me). The skeleton has his bony hands above, and behind, his head because he is dancing. The "Dead" influenced me heavily, and it came out in myriad ways.

As I was coloring it, it occurred to me that I was collaborating with my younger self, and it felt strange, but good. I plan to do more of it.

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mmMoxie said...

Hooray for our younger selves!

I think I'll collaborate with my elderly self and yell at the neighbor kids.