Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Picdump Picker

The power of Duct Tape

Recently, for no other reason than boredom, I've taken to digging through the many picdumps on the Internet and finding some amazing pictures that need to be shared.

Usually, I just post them on my Facebook page to see what comes in the form of comments.
Some elicit a plethora of interest, starting conversations and a commentary that can last for days.
Others, inexplicably, go unnoticed and ignored.  
Rarely can I guess which pic will be the one which people respond to, and often, it's the pix I like the most that get passed by.
It's become a hobby (yes, a lame one) of mine.

Lately, I've noticed that my eloquent blog (usually abortively pedantic in nature) has been becoming more of a photo blog.
Writing takes effort (well... good writing does).
Posting photos, and writing about them (or not at all) takes much less effort.

Expect more photos in the future.

A picture catches my eye for various reasons.

Take this one:

Go figure... a jumping sheep

I scrolled down this picture, thinking to myself:
"wow, that's a long, boring, straight, hazy road... but at least it seems to be getting clearer... wait... hey, look... a jumping sheep!"
It was the unexpected sheep bonus that made this picture a winner for me.
It's hard to explain, but it makes you think. Keeps you awake.
The digging continues...

Then... there's the cuteness factor.
Sometimes, I will see a picture and the "awwww" inside of me becomes irrepressible.
Unless you are a cold hearted, mean-spirited, dead person... how can you not look at these images and feel a certain warmth?

She's even pointing at me
C'mon... you know you want to pick it up

Tiny Praying Mantis
no caption needed
OK... so yes, I think that tiny things and babies are cute.  
Most people do.
Tiny equals cute. Nuff said.
(That explains the baby/tiny critters posts).

Then there are pictures that illustrate:
The Majesty of Mother Nature.
A talented photographer recognizes the moment and captures it.
Sharing it, to me, seems a generous, artistic gift.
Almost never is the photographers name still attached once the pic goes viral, and credit rarely goes to where it is due.
If I took one of these photos, I'd be so proud, I'd make them poster size.
The sheer beauty, like the cuteness, evokes a response... usually, to me, it is of simple awe.
(Remember, if you click on a pic, you get to see it in it's original size... often bigger than this column... and more impressive in it's grandeur.)  Enjoy.

Click on this pic to see it bigger... then go "wow"

I love this pic. It would make a great album cover.

That sheep gets around...

Breathtaking... I know.

You can breathe again now.

Then, there are pictures that make you go WTF!!!
Seriously, when I see these pix, I just think about the person who set them up... or caught them in the moment.  
I wonder what they were thinking that led to the photo in the first place.
Creativity pushed my buttons.  
Originality adds to it.
These images seem somehow effective to me.
Hard to explain, I know... just look:

I love the baby... he's in a bucket seat.

Look in the background... then, you'll get it (and hopefully, so will the hunters)

great usage of beer bottles... nicely done

I'm guessing it was a world record attempt... most snow angels at once?

What is it? Seriously, wtf?  It's on a beach... it's a critter. That is all.

I cannot, will not, try to explain this one.

...But, still no explanation

I apologize, in advance, for all future photo blogs.
At least you won't have to endure the explanation... or the excuse... for the lack of real writing.
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, you've just read the equivalent of an average John Irving novel... and by connection, I'm the author guy. In an effort to leave you with the feeling that the ending was "satisfactory," I'll finish with these pictorial gems:


Cul-de-sac-ed said...

While all of those pictures are cool, I'd appreciate more photos of hot dudes.

Lee said...

One of my Facebook friends identified that alien-looking blue thingy.
It's a Glaucus Atlanticus, a Sea Slug that preys on Man-O-War jellyfish.
Strangely, it is also a hermaphrodite, containing both male and female reproductive organs.
I still think it may be an alien.

annie said...

Got up early,lazy moring, and found myself here. What a great way to start my day! As I slowly scrolled down the snow covered mountain,I am embarrased to admit that I was looking for the jumping sheep again. Well done.

Lee said...

Credit goes where credit is due.
Annie, I had to take your suggestion and run with it.
The Sheep thanks you.

annie said...

Excuse me Sir: step back from the sheep, and nobody will get hurt ;)