Friday, May 20, 2011

Pitchers wif Capshuns

I thought this was a cool illustration showing just how small we are in context of the other balls in the universe    


"Let's switch beds tonight" said the little dog.

Ancient Chinese babysitting method

A gull for every buoy

The strange thing about this picture is the wall. There are no advertisements on it.

Me and Joey on my kayak.  I miss my kayak.

Wow... has the baby in a football hold while making the baseball catch.  

The picture looks better... much better.

No caption needed  (I just love this picture)

Mmmmmm.... tastes like bacon.

Feel good... the white guy has a few cool neighbors.

Too young to express himself... not even.  Dress me in a camel, I'll give you the bird.

Some kids sleep with a teddy... not this dude... he's a racer.      Dream fast little buddy.

The end

1 comment:

Annie said...

Like the way your mind works...Keen observations, with Ironic explanations. Perhaps that baseball to the head was a blessing!