Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cheese On My Head

OK... so today I made a HUGE Super Bowl bet.

The crossing guard at the elementary school (Kamali'i) up the street is a big Packers fan.
She sometimes even wears a Packers shirt while crossing the kids (which seems distracting, and therefore unsafe, to me). She always sees me in my Steelers garb (shirt, hat) and usually has something smarmy to say.
(Actually, to be honest, our good-natured ribbing couldn't be any more good-natured... we're both just football fans who grew up in towns that are fervent about their team).  We can't help it, it's part of our character.

Now, years later, we have a Super Bowl.... for bragging rights... and hometown pride.

She suggested, when the Super Bowl teams were set that we bet five dollars... and I said that we could come up with something way better than that.  After much thinking...

Here's the bet:

If the Packers win (as if), I have to wear one of those ridiculous CheeseHeads to my poker game.
It will likely cause me to break out in a rash, give me explosive diarrhea, and will definitely bring humiliation and shame upon me (and my family name).  Hopefully, no pictures will be taken (certainly I won't be taking any).

When the Steelers emerge victorious, the poor lady will be crossing children more safely on Monday, with her little red stop sign in one hand and a Terrible Towel in her other hand.  Upon request, she may need to give it a good wave, making for nice photo ops. Her husband may disown her, and her kids may wear paper bags on their heads for months. So be it.

Go Steelers (better win now).


Cul-de-sac-ed said...

Do you already have a CheeseHead or does she have to supply that?

Lee said...

She has the CheeseHead... I have the Terrible Towel. The exchange will be made on Monday, after school.
I will be posting pictures of her crossing children safely (whilst waving her Terrible Towel).